Source code for jwst.associations.load_asn

"""Load an Association from a file or object"""
from inspect import isclass

from . import (

[docs]def load_asn( serialized, format=None, first=True, validate=True, registry=AssociationRegistry, **kwargs ): """Load an Association from a file or object Parameters ---------- serialized : object The serialized form of the association. format : str or None The format to force. If None, try all available. validate : bool Validate against the class' defined schema, if any. first : bool A serialization potentially matches many rules. Only return the first succesful load. registry : AssociationRegistry or None The `AssociationRegistry` to use. If None, no registry is used. Can be passed just a registry class instead of instance. kwargs : dict Other arguments to pass to the `load` methods defined in the `Association.IORegistry` Returns ------- The Association object Raises ------ AssociationNotValidError Cannot create or validate the association. Notes ----- The `serialized` object can be in any format supported by the registered I/O routines. For example, for `json` and `yaml` formats, the input can be either a string or a file object containing the string. If no registry is specified, the default `Association.load` method is used. """ if registry is None: return Association.load(serialized, format=format, validate=validate) if isclass(registry): registry = registry() return registry.load( serialized, format=format, first=first, validate=validate, **kwargs )