Source code for jwst.associations.pool

Association Pools
from import convert_numpy

from astropy.table import Table

__all__ = ['AssociationPool']


[docs]class AssociationPool(Table): """Association Pool An ``AssociationPool`` is essentially an astropy Table with the following default behaviors: - ASCII tables with a default delimiter of `|` - All values are read in as strings """
[docs] @classmethod def read( cls, filename, delimiter=DEFAULT_DELIMITER, format=DEFAULT_FORMAT, **kwargs ): """Read in a Pool file Parameters ---------- filename : str File path to read in as a table. delimiter : str Character used to delineate columns. format : str The format of the input file. Returns ------- AssociationPool The ``AssociationPool`` representation of the file. """ table = super(AssociationPool, cls).read( filename, delimiter=delimiter, format=format, converters=_ConvertToStr(), **kwargs ) # If anything has been masked, just fill table = table.filled('null') # Lowercase the column names # Note: Cannot do in-place because modifying the # list while iterating. columns = [column for name, column in table.columns.items()] for c in columns: = table.meta['pool_file'] = filename return table
[docs] def write(self, *args, **kwargs): """Write the pool to a file. Parameters ---------- output : str, file-like The output file or file-like object. delimiter : str The string to use to delineate columns. Default is '|'. format : str The format the file should be written in. Default is 'ascii'. args, kwargs : obj Other parameters that ```` can accept. """ delimiter = kwargs.pop('delimiter', DEFAULT_DELIMITER) format = kwargs.pop('format', DEFAULT_FORMAT) try: super(AssociationPool, self).write( *args, delimiter=delimiter, format=format, **kwargs ) except TypeError: # Most likely caused by the actual `write` called # does not handle `delimiter`. `jsviewer` is one # such format. # So, try again without a delimiter. super(AssociationPool, self).write( *args, format=format, **kwargs )
class _ConvertToStr(dict): def __getitem__(self, k): func, type_ = convert_numpy(str) def convert_func(vals): """Lowercase the conversion""" results = func(vals) results = [result.lower() for result in results] return results return [(convert_func, type_)] def get(self, k, default=None): return self.__getitem__(k)