Source code for jwst.datamodels.irs2

from .model_base import JwstDataModel

__all__ = ['IRS2Model']

[docs]class IRS2Model(JwstDataModel): """ A data model for the IRS2 refpix reference file. Parameters __________ irs2_table : numpy table Table for IRS2 refpix correction. A table with 8 columns and 2916352 (2048 * 712 * 2) rows. All values are float, but these are interpreted as alternating real and imaginary parts (real, imag, real, imag, ...) of complex values. There are four columns for ALPHA and four for BETA. dq_table : data quality info table Table for identifying bad reference pixels. A table with three columns (OUTPUT, ODD_EVEN, and MASK) and eight rows. """ schema_url = ""