Source code for jwst.firstframe.firstframe_step

from ..stpipe import Step
from .. import datamodels
from . import firstframe_sub

__all__ = ["FirstFrameStep"]

[docs]class FirstFrameStep(Step): """ FirstFrameStep: This is a MIRI specific task. If the number of groups is greater than 3, the DO_NOT_USE group data quality flag is added to first group. """
[docs] def process(self, input): # Open the input data model with as input_model: # check the data is MIRI data detector = input_model.meta.instrument.detector.upper() if detector[:3] == 'MIR': # Do the firstframe correction subtraction result = firstframe_sub.do_correction(input_model) else: self.log.warning('First Frame Correction is only for MIRI data') self.log.warning('First frame step will be skipped') result = input_model.copy() result.meta.cal_step.firstframe = 'SKIPPED' return result