Source code for jwst.tweakreg.astrometric_utils

import os
import requests

from astropy import table
from astropy.table import Table
from astropy.coordinates import SkyCoord
from astropy import units as u

from ..resample import resample_utils
from ..assign_wcs import util as wcsutil


if ASTROMETRIC_CAT_ENVVAR in os.environ:


Primary function for creating an astrometric reference catalog.


[docs]def create_astrometric_catalog(input_models, catalog="GAIADR2", output="ref_cat.ecsv", gaia_only=False, table_format="ascii.ecsv", existing_wcs=None, num_sources=None): """Create an astrometric catalog that covers the inputs' field-of-view. Parameters ---------- input : str, list Filenames of images to be aligned to astrometric catalog catalog : str, optional Name of catalog to extract astrometric positions for sources in the input images' field-of-view. Default: GAIADR2. Options available are documented on the catalog web page. output : str, optional Filename to give to the astrometric catalog read in from the master catalog web service. If None, no file will be written out. gaia_only : bool, optional Specify whether or not to only use sources from GAIA in output catalog existing_wcs : model existing WCS object specified by the user as generated by `resample.resample_utils.make_output_wcs` num_sources : int Maximum number of brightest/faintest sources to return in catalog. If `num_sources` is negative, return that number of the faintest sources. By default, all sources are returned. Notes ----- This function will point to astrometric catalog web service defined through the use of the ASTROMETRIC_CATALOG_URL environment variable. Returns ------- ref_table : `~astropy.table.Table` Astropy Table object of the catalog """ # start by creating a composite field-of-view for all inputs # This default output WCS will have the same plate-scale and orientation # as the first member in the list. # Fortunately, for alignment, this doesn't matter since no resampling of # data will be performed. if existing_wcs is not None: outwcs = existing_wcs else: outwcs = resample_utils.make_output_wcs(input_models) radius, fiducial = compute_radius(outwcs) # perform query for this field-of-view ref_dict = get_catalog(fiducial[0], fiducial[1], sr=radius, catalog=catalog) colnames = ('ra', 'dec', 'mag', 'objID') ref_table = ref_dict[colnames] # Add catalog name as meta data ref_table.meta['catalog'] = catalog ref_table.meta['gaia_only'] = gaia_only # rename coordinate columns to be consistent with tweakwcs ref_table.rename_column('ra', 'RA') ref_table.rename_column('dec', 'DEC') # Append GAIA ID as a new column to the table... gaia_sources = [] for source in ref_dict: if 'GAIAsourceID' in source: g = source['GAIAsourceID'] if gaia_only and g.strip() == '': continue else: g = "-1" # indicator for no source ID extracted gaia_sources.append(g) gaia_col = table.Column(data=gaia_sources, name='GaiaID', dtype='U25') ref_table.add_column(gaia_col) # sort table by magnitude, fainter to brightest ref_table.sort('mag', reverse=True) # If specified by the use through the 'num_sources' parameter, # trim the returned catalog down to just the brightest 'num_sources' sources # Should 'num_sources' be a negative value, it will return the faintest # 'num_sources' sources. if num_sources is not None: indx = -1 * num_sources ref_table = ref_table[:indx] if num_sources < 0 else ref_table[indx:] # Write out table to a file, if specified if output is not None: ref_table.write(output, format=table_format, overwrite=True) return ref_table
""" Utility functions for creating an astrometric reference catalog. """
[docs]def compute_radius(wcs): """Compute the radius from the center to the furthest edge of the WCS.""" fiducial = wcsutil.compute_fiducial([wcs], wcs.bounding_box) img_center = SkyCoord(ra=fiducial[0] *, dec=fiducial[1] * wcs_foot = wcs.footprint() img_corners = SkyCoord(ra=wcs_foot[:, 0] *, dec=wcs_foot[:, 1] * radius = img_center.separation(img_corners).max().value return radius, fiducial
[docs]def get_catalog(ra, dec, sr=0.1, catalog='GSC241'): """ Extract catalog from VO web service. Parameters ---------- ra : float Right Ascension (RA) of center of field-of-view (in decimal degrees) dec : float Declination (Dec) of center of field-of-view (in decimal degrees) sr : float, optional Search radius (in decimal degrees) from field-of-view center to use for sources from catalog. Default: 0.1 degrees catalog : str, optional Name of catalog to query, as defined by web-service. Default: 'GSC241' Returns ------- csv : CSV object CSV object of returned sources with all columns as provided by catalog """ service_type = 'vo/CatalogSearch.aspx' spec_str = 'RA={}&DEC={}&SR={}&FORMAT={}&CAT={}&MINDET=5' headers = {'Content-Type': 'text/csv'} fmt = 'CSV' spec = spec_str.format(ra, dec, sr, fmt, catalog) service_url = '{}/{}?{}'.format(SERVICELOCATION, service_type, spec) rawcat = requests.get(service_url, headers=headers) r_contents = rawcat.content.decode() # convert from bytes to a String rstr = r_contents.split('\r\n') # remove initial line describing the number of sources returned # CRITICAL to proper interpretation of CSV data del rstr[0] return, format='csv')