Migrating deprecated productsΒΆ

On rare occasion, the model schemas are changed in such a way as to break compatibility with data products produced by earlier versions of this package. When these older files are opened the software will report validation errors:

>>> from stdatamodels.jwst import datamodels
>>> datamodels.open("jw95115001001_02102_00001_nrs1_x1d.fits")
ValueError: Column names don't match schema...

In some cases it will be possible to update the file to the new format using the migrate_data tool included with this package:

$ migrate_data jw95115001001_02102_00001_nrs1_x1d.fits --in-place

It can also be run on multiple files:

$ migrate_data *_x1d.fits --in-place

Or configured to write updated files to a separate output directory:

$ migrate_data *_x1d.fits --output-dir some/other/directory