Source code for jwst.datamodels.level1b

from .model_base import DataModel

__all__ = ['Level1bModel']

[docs]class Level1bModel(DataModel): """ A data model for raw 4D ramps level-1b products. Parameters __________ data : numpy uint16 array The science data zeroframe : numpy uint16 array Zeroframe array refout : numpy uint16 array Reference Output group : numpy table group parameters table int_times : numpy table table of times for each integration """ schema_url = "" def __init__(self, init=None, **kwargs): super(Level1bModel, self).__init__(init=init, **kwargs)
# zeroframe is a lower dimensional array than # the science data. However, its dimensions are not # consecutive with data, so the default model # creates a wrongly shaped array. If data is given # use the appropriate dimensions. # # TODO: Hacky. Need solution which involves schema # specification and embedded in DataModel. #if 'zeroframe' not in self.instance and \ # 'data' in self.instance and \ # len( == 4: # nints, ngroups, ny, nx = # self.zeroframe = np.zeros((nints, ny, nx))