Source code for jwst.datamodels.ramp

import warnings

from .model_base import DataModel

__all__ = ['RampModel']

[docs]class RampModel(DataModel): """ A data model for 4D ramps. Parameters __________ data : numpy float32 array The science data pixeldq : numpy uint32 array 2-D data quality array for all planes groupdq : numpy uint8 array 4-D data quality array for each plane err : numpy float32 array Error array zeroframe : numpy float32 array Zeroframe array group : numpy table group parameters table int_times : numpy table table of times for each integration """ schema_url = "" def __init__(self, init=None, **kwargs): super(RampModel, self).__init__(init=init, **kwargs) # Implicitly create arrays self.pixeldq = self.pixeldq self.groupdq = self.groupdq self.err = self.err
[docs]def MIRIRampModel(*args, **kwargs): warnings.simplefilter('default') warnings.warn(message="MIRIRampModel is deprecated and will be removed. " "Use RampModel.", category=DeprecationWarning) return RampModel(*args, **kwargs)