jwst.outlier_detection.outlier_detection.flag_cr(sci_image, blot_image, snr='5.0 4.0', scale='1.2 0.7', backg=0, resample_data=True, **kwargs)[source]

Masks outliers in science image by updating DQ in-place

Mask blemishes in dithered data by comparing a science image with a model image and the derivative of the model image.

  • sci_image (ImageModel) – the science data

  • blot_image (ImageModel) – the blotted median image of the dithered science frames

  • snr (str) – Signal-to-noise ratio

  • scale (str) – scaling factor applied to the derivative

  • backg (float) – Background value (scalar) to subtract

  • resample_data (bool) – Boolean to indicate whether blot_image is created from resampled, dithered data or not