Source code for jwst.ami.ami_normalize_step

from ..stpipe import Step
from .. import datamodels

from . import ami_normalize

__all__ = ["AmiNormalizeStep"]

[docs]class AmiNormalizeStep(Step): """ AmiNormalizeStep: Normalize target LG results using reference LG results """ spec = """ """
[docs] def process(self, target, reference): """ Normalizes the LG results for a science target, using the LG results for a reference target. Parameters ---------- target: string or model target input reference: string or model reference input Returns ------- result: AmiLgModel object AMI data model that's been normalized """ # Open the target and reference input models target_model = datamodels.AmiLgModel(target) reference_model = datamodels.AmiLgModel(reference) # Call the normalization routine result = ami_normalize.normalize_LG(target_model, reference_model) result.meta.cal_step.ami_normalize = 'COMPLETE' # Close the input models target_model.close() reference_model.close() # We're done return result