Source code for jwst.pipeline.calwebb_guider

#!/usr/bin/env python
from ..stpipe import Pipeline
import logging
from .. import datamodels

# step imports
from ..dq_init import dq_init_step
from ..flatfield import flat_field_step
from ..guider_cds import guider_cds_step

__all__ = ['GuiderPipeline']

# Define logging
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class GuiderPipeline(Pipeline): """ GuiderPipeline: For FGS observations, apply all calibration steps to raw JWST ramps to produce a 3-D slope product. Included steps are: dq_init, guider_cds, and flat_field. """ class_alias = "calwebb_guider" # Define aliases to steps step_defs = {'dq_init': dq_init_step.DQInitStep, 'guider_cds': guider_cds_step.GuiderCdsStep, 'flat_field': flat_field_step.FlatFieldStep, } # Start the processing
[docs] def process(self, input): # Set the output product type self.suffix = 'cal''Starting calwebb_guider ...') # Open the input: # If the first two steps are set to be skipped, assume # they've been run before and open the input as a Cal # model, appropriate for input to flat_field if (self.dq_init.skip and self.guider_cds.skip):"dq_init and guider_cds are set to skip; assume they" " were run before and load data as GuiderCalModel") input = datamodels.GuiderCalModel(input) else: input = datamodels.GuiderRawModel(input) # Apply the steps input = self.dq_init(input) input = self.guider_cds(input) input = self.flat_field(input)'... ending calwebb_guider') return input