jwst.associations.asn_gather.asn_gather(association, destination=None, exp_types=None, exclude_types=None, source_folder=None, shellcmd='rsync -urv --no-perms --chmod=ugo=rwX')[source]

Copy members of an association from one location to another

The association is copied into the destination, re-written such that the member list points to the new location of the members.

  • association (str, pathlib.Path) – The association to gather.

  • destination (str, pathlib.Path, or None) – The folder to place the association and its members. If None, the current working directory is used.

  • exp_types ([str[,...]] or None) – List of exposure types to gather. If None, all are gathered.

  • exclude_types ([str[,...]] or None) – List of exposure types to exclude.

  • source_folder (str or None) – Folder where the members originate from. If None, the folder of the association is presumed.

  • shellcmd (str) – The shell command to use to do the copying of the individual members.


dest_asn – The copied association.

Return type