Assign WCS

jwst.assign_wcs Package


nrs_wcs_set_input(input_model, slit_name[, ...])

Returns a WCS object for a specific slit, slice or shutter.


Return a list of WCSs for all NIRSPEC IFU slits.

get_spectral_order_wrange(input_model, ...)

Read the spectral order and wavelength range from the reference file.

niriss_soss_set_input(model, order_number)

Extract a WCS fr a specific spectral order.

update_fits_wcsinfo(datamodel[, ...])

Update datamodel.meta.wcsinfo based on a FITS WCS + SIP approximation of a GWCS object.


AssignWcsStep([name, parent, config_file, ...])

AssignWcsStep: Create a gWCS object and store it in Model.meta.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of jwst.assign_wcs.assign_wcs_step.AssignWcsStep