class jwst.assign_wcs.AssignWcsStep(name=None, parent=None, config_file=None, _validate_kwds=True, **kws)[source]

Bases: jwst.stpipe.core.JwstStep

AssignWcsStep: Create a gWCS object and store it in Model.meta.

Reference file types:

camera Camera model (NIRSPEC) collimator Collimator Model (NIRSPEC) disperser Disperser model (NIRSPEC) distortion Spatial distortion model (FGS, MIRI, NIRCAM, NIRISS) filteroffset Filter offsets (MIRI Imager) fore Transform through the FORE optics (NIRSPEC) fpa Transform in the FPA plane (NIRSPEC) ifufore Transforms from the MSA plane to the plane of the IFU slicer (NIRSPEC) ifupost Transforms from the slicer plane to the MSA plane (NIRSPEC) ifuslicer Metrology of the IFU slicer (NIRSPEC) msa Metrology of the MSA plane (NIRSPEC) ote Transform through the Optical Telescope Element (NIRSPEC) specwcs Wavelength calibration models (MIRI, NIRCAM, NIRISS) regions Stores location of the regions on the detector (MIRI) wavelengthrange Typical wavelength ranges (MIRI, NIRCAM, NIRISS, NIRSPEC)


input (ImageModel, IFUImageModel, CubeModel) – Input exposure.

Create a Step instance.

  • name (str, optional) – The name of the Step instance. Used in logging messages and in cache filenames. If not provided, one will be generated based on the class name.

  • parent (Step instance, optional) – The parent step of this step. Used to determine a fully-qualified name for this step, and to determine the mode in which to run this step.

  • config_file (str path, optional) – The path to the config file that this step was initialized with. Use to determine relative path names of other config files.

  • **kws (dict) – Additional parameters to set. These will be set as member variables on the new Step instance.

Attributes Summary



Methods Summary

process(input, *args, **kwargs)

This is where real work happens.

Attributes Documentation

reference_file_types = ['distortion', 'filteroffset', 'specwcs', 'regions', 'wavelengthrange', 'camera', 'collimator', 'disperser', 'fore', 'fpa', 'msa', 'ote', 'ifupost', 'ifufore', 'ifuslicer']
spec = '\n        sip_approx = boolean(default=True)  # enables SIP approximation for imaging modes.\n        sip_max_pix_error = float(default=0.25)  # max err for SIP fit, forward.\n        sip_degree = integer(max=6, default=None)  # degree for forward SIP fit, None to use best fit.\n        sip_max_inv_pix_error = float(default=0.25)  # max err for SIP fit, inverse.\n        sip_inv_degree = integer(max=6, default=None)  # degree for inverse SIP fit, None to use best fit.\n        sip_npoints = integer(default=32)  #  number of points for SIP\n        slit_y_low = float(default=-.55)  # The lower edge of a slit.\n        slit_y_high = float(default=.55)  # The upper edge of a slit.\n\n    '

Methods Documentation

process(input, *args, **kwargs)[source]

This is where real work happens. Every Step subclass has to override this method. The default behaviour is to raise a NotImplementedError exception.