jwst.lib.v1_calculate.v1_calculate_from_models(sources, siaf_path=None, **calc_wcs_from_time_kwargs)[source]

Calculate V1 over the time period for the given models

Returns a table of V1 pointings for all input models. The table has the following columns:

  • source (jwst.datamodel.DataModel): The model

  • obstime (astropy.time.Time): The observation time

  • v1 (float, float, float): 3-tuple or ra, dec, and position angle

  • sources ([File-like or jwst.datamodels.Datamodel[...]]) – The datamodels to get timings other header parameters from.

  • siaf_path (None or file-like) – The path to the SIAF database. If none, the default used by the pysiaf package is used. See SiafDb for more information.

  • calc_wcs_from_time_kwargs (dict) – Keyword arguments to pass to calc_wcs_from_time


v1_table – Table of V1 pointing

Return type