Source code for jwst.assign_wcs.assign_wcs_step

#! /usr/bin/env python
from ..stpipe import Step
from .. import datamodels
import logging
from .assign_wcs import load_wcs
from .util import MSAFileError

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

__all__ = ["AssignWcsStep"]

[docs]class AssignWcsStep(Step): """ AssignWcsStep: Create a gWCS object and store it in ``Model.meta``. Reference file types: camera Camera model (NIRSPEC) collimator Collimator Model (NIRSPEC) disperser Disperser model (NIRSPEC) distortion Spatial distortion model (FGS, MIRI, NIRCAM, NIRISS) filteroffset Filter offsets (MIRI Imager) fore Transform through the FORE optics (NIRSPEC) fpa Transform in the FPA plane (NIRSPEC) ifufore Transforms from the MSA plane to the plane of the IFU slicer (NIRSPEC) ifupost Transforms from the slicer plane to the MSA plane (NIRSPEC) ifuslicer Metrology of the IFU slicer (NIRSPEC) msa Metrology of the MSA plane (NIRSPEC) ote Transform through the Optical Telescope Element (NIRSPEC) specwcs Wavelength calibration models (MIRI, NIRCAM, NIRISS) regions Stores location of the regions on the detector (MIRI) wavelengthrange Typical wavelength ranges (MIRI, NIRCAM, NIRISS, NIRSPEC) Parameters ---------- input : `~jwst.datamodels.ImageModel`, `~jwst.datamodels.IFUImageModel`, `~jwst.datamodels.CubeModel` Input exposure. """ spec = """ slit_y_low = float(default=-.55) # The lower edge of a slit. slit_y_high = float(default=.55) # The upper edge of a slit. """ reference_file_types = ['distortion', 'filteroffset', 'specwcs', 'regions', 'wavelengthrange', 'camera', 'collimator', 'disperser', 'fore', 'fpa', 'msa', 'ote', 'ifupost', 'ifufore', 'ifuslicer']
[docs] def process(self, input, *args, **kwargs): reference_file_names = {} with as input_model: # If input type is not supported, log warning, set to 'skipped', exit if not (isinstance(input_model, datamodels.ImageModel) or isinstance(input_model, datamodels.CubeModel) or isinstance(input_model, datamodels.IFUImageModel)): log.warning("Input dataset type is not supported.") log.warning("assign_wcs expects ImageModel, IFUImageModel or CubeModel as input.") log.warning("Skipping assign_wcs step.") result = input_model.copy() result.meta.cal_step.assign_wcs = 'SKIPPED' return result for reftype in self.reference_file_types: reffile = self.get_reference_file(input_model, reftype) reference_file_names[reftype] = reffile if reffile else "" log.debug(f'reference files used in assign_wcs: {reference_file_names}') # Get the MSA metadata file if needed and add to reffiles if input_model.meta.exposure.type == "NRS_MSASPEC": msa_metadata_file = input_model.meta.instrument.msa_metadata_file if msa_metadata_file is not None and msa_metadata_file.strip() not in ["", "N/A"]: msa_metadata_file = self.make_input_path(msa_metadata_file) reference_file_names['msametafile'] = msa_metadata_file else: message = "MSA metadata file (MSAMETFL) is required for NRS_MSASPEC exposures." log.error(message) raise MSAFileError(message) slit_y_range = [self.slit_y_low, self.slit_y_high] result = load_wcs(input_model, reference_file_names, slit_y_range) return result