Source code for jwst.associations.asn_from_list

"""Create an association from a list"""
import argparse
import sys

from . import AssociationRegistry
from .lib.rules_level3_base import DMS_Level3_Base

__all__ = ['asn_from_list']

[docs]def asn_from_list(items, rule=DMS_Level3_Base, **kwargs): """Creat an association from a list Parameters ---------- items: [object [, ...]] List of items to add. rule: `Association` rule The association rule to use. kwargs: dict Other named parameters required or pertinent to adding the items to the association. Returns ------- association: `Association`-based instance The association with the items added. Notes ----- This is a lower-level tool for artificially creating an association. As such, the association created may not be valid. It is presume the user knows what they are doing. """ asn = rule() asn._add_items(items, **kwargs) return asn
class Main(): """Command-line interface for list_to_asn Parameters ---------- args: [str, ...], or None The command line arguments. Can be one of - `None`: `sys.argv` is then used. - `[str, ...]`: A list of strings which create the command line with the similar structure as `sys.argv` """ def __init__(self, args=None): if args is None: args = sys.argv[1:] if isinstance(args, str): args = args.split(' ') parser = argparse.ArgumentParser( description='Create an association from a list of files', usage='asn_from_list -o mosaic_asn.json --product-name my_mosaic *.fits' ) parser.add_argument( '-o', '--output-file', type=str, required=True, help='File to write association to' ) parser.add_argument( '-f', '--format', type=str, default='json', help='Format of the association files. Default: "%(default)s"' ) parser.add_argument( '--product-name', type=str, help='The product name when creating a Level 3 association' ) parser.add_argument( '-r', '--rule', type=str, default='DMS_Level3_Base', help=( 'The rule to base the association structure on.' ' Default: "%(default)s"' ) ) parser.add_argument( '--ruledefs', action='append', help=( 'Association rules definition file(s)' ' If not specified, the default rules will be searched.' ) ) parser.add_argument( '-i', '--id', type=str, default='o999', help='The association candidate id to use. Default: "%(default)s"', dest='acid' ) parser.add_argument( 'filelist', type=str, nargs='+', help='File list to include in the association' ) parsed = parser.parse_args(args=args) # Get the rule rule = AssociationRegistry(parsed.ruledefs, include_bases=True)[parsed.rule] with open(parsed.output_file, 'w') as outfile: asn = asn_from_list( parsed.filelist, rule=rule, product_name=parsed.product_name, acid=parsed.acid ) name, serialized = asn.dump(format=parsed.format) outfile.write(serialized)