Source code for jwst.background.background_step

#! /usr/bin/env python

from ..stpipe import Step
from .. import datamodels
from . import background_sub
import numpy as np
__all__ = ["BackgroundStep"]

[docs]class BackgroundStep(Step): """ BackgroundStep: Subtract background exposures from target exposures. """ spec = """ sigma = float(default=3.0) # Clipping threshold maxiters = integer(default=None) # Number of clipping iterations """ # These reference files are only used for WFSS/GRISM data. reference_file_types = ["wfssbkg", "wavelengthrange"]
[docs] def process(self, input, bkg_list): """ Subtract the background signal from target exposures by subtracting designated background images from them. Parameters ---------- input: JWST data model input target data model to which background subtraction is applied bkg_list: filename list list of background exposure file names Returns ------- result: JWST data model the background-subtracted target data model """ # Load the input data model with as input_model: if input_model.meta.exposure.type in ["NIS_WFSS", "NRC_WFSS"]: # Get the reference file names bkg_name = self.get_reference_file(input_model, "wfssbkg") wlrange_name = self.get_reference_file(input_model, "wavelengthrange")'Using WFSSBKG reference file %s', bkg_name)'Using WavelengthRange reference file %s', wlrange_name) # Do the background subtraction for WFSS/GRISM data result = background_sub.subtract_wfss_bkg( input_model, bkg_name, wlrange_name) result.meta.cal_step.back_sub = 'COMPLETE' else: # check if input data is NRS_IFU tolerance = 1.0e-8 do_sub = True if in ["NIRSPEC"]: # check if GWA_XTIL & GWA_YTIL values of source # background are the same. If not skip step input_xtilt = input_model.meta.instrument.gwa_xtilt input_ytilt = input_model.meta.instrument.gwa_ytilt for bkg_file in bkg_list: with as bkg_model: bkg_xtilt = bkg_model.meta.instrument.gwa_xtilt bkg_ytilt = bkg_model.meta.instrument.gwa_ytilt if np.allclose((input_xtilt, input_ytilt), (bkg_xtilt, bkg_ytilt), atol=tolerance, rtol=0): pass else: do_sub = False break # Do the background subtraction if do_sub: result = background_sub.background_sub(input_model, bkg_list, self.sigma, self.maxiters) result.meta.cal_step.back_sub = 'COMPLETE' else: result = input_model.copy() result.meta.cal_step.back_sub = 'SKIPPED' self.log.warning('Skipping background subtraction') self.log.warning('GWA_XTIL and GWA_YTIL source values ' 'are not the same as bkg values') return result