Source code for jwst.pathloss.pathloss_step

from ..stpipe import Step
from .. import datamodels
from . import pathloss

__all__ = ["PathLossStep"]

[docs]class PathLossStep(Step): """ PathLossStep: Inserts the pathloss and wavelength arrays into the data. Pathloss depends on the centering of the source in the aperture if the source is a point source. """ spec = """ """ reference_file_types = ['pathloss']
[docs] def process(self, input): # Open the input data model with as input_model: # Get the name of the path loss reference file to use self.pathloss_name = self.get_reference_file(input_model, 'pathloss')'Using PATHLOSS reference file %s', self.pathloss_name) # Check for a valid reference file if self.pathloss_name == 'N/A': self.log.warning('No PATHLOSS reference file found') self.log.warning('Path loss step will be skipped') result = input_model.copy() result.meta.cal_step.pathloss = 'SKIPPED' return result # Open the pathloss ref file data model pathloss_model = datamodels.PathlossModel(self.pathloss_name) # Do the pathloss correction result = pathloss.do_correction(input_model, pathloss_model) pathloss_model.close() return result