Source code for jwst.photom.photom_step

#! /usr/bin/env python

from ..stpipe import Step
from . import photom
from .. import datamodels

__all__ = ["PhotomStep"]

[docs]class PhotomStep(Step): """ PhotomStep: Module for loading photometric conversion infomation from reference files and attaching or applying them to the input science data model """ reference_file_types = ['photom', 'area']
[docs] def process(self, input): try: input_model = except IOError: self.log.error('Input can not be opened as a Model.') # Report the detected type of input model model_type = input_model.__class__.__name__ self.log.debug("Input is {}".format(model_type)) if model_type not in ('CubeModel', 'ImageModel', 'SlitModel', 'IFUImageModel', 'MultiSlitModel'): self.log.warning("Input is not one of the supported model types: " "CubeModel, ImageModel, IFUImageModel or " "MultiSlitModel.") # Get the reference file names phot_filename = self.get_reference_file(input_model, 'photom')'Using photom reference file: %s', phot_filename) area_filename = self.get_reference_file(input_model, 'area')'Using area reference file: %s', area_filename) # Check for a valid photom reference file if phot_filename == 'N/A': self.log.warning('No PHOTOM reference file found') self.log.warning('Photom step will be skipped') result = input_model.copy() result.meta.cal_step.photom = 'SKIPPED' return result # Do the correction phot = photom.DataSet(input_model) result = phot.apply_photom(phot_filename, area_filename) result.meta.cal_step.photom = 'COMPLETE' return result