Source code for jwst.source_catalog.source_catalog_step

Module for the source catalog step.

import os
import warnings

from crds.core.exceptions import CrdsLookupError
from photutils.utils.exceptions import NoDetectionsWarning

from .source_catalog import (ReferenceData, Background, make_kernel,
                             make_segment_img, calc_total_error,
from .. import datamodels
from ..stpipe import Step

__all__ = ["SourceCatalogStep"]

[docs]class SourceCatalogStep(Step): """ Create a final catalog of source photometry and morphologies. Parameters ----------- input : str or `ImageModel` A FITS filename or an `ImageModel` of a drizzled image. """ spec = """ bkg_boxsize = float(default=100) # background mesh box size in pixels kernel_fwhm = float(default=2.0) # Gaussian kernel FWHM in pixels kernel_xsize = float(default=None) # Kernel x size in pixels kernel_ysize = float(default=None) # Kernel y size in pixels snr_threshold = float(default=3.0) # SNR threshold above the bkg npixels = float(default=5.0) # min number of pixels in source deblend = boolean(default=False) # deblend sources? aperture_ee1 = float(default=30) # aperture encircled energy 1 aperture_ee2 = float(default=50) # aperture encircled energy 2 aperture_ee3 = float(default=70) # aperture encircled energy 3 suffix = string(default='cat') # Default suffix for output files """ reference_file_types = ['apcorr', 'abvegaoffset']
[docs] def process(self, input_model): if self.kernel_xsize is not None or self.kernel_ysize is not None: warnings.simplefilter('default') warnings.warn('kernel_xsize and kernel_ysize are deprecated and ' 'no longer used', DeprecationWarning) with as model: try: apcorr_fn = self.get_reference_file(input_model, 'apcorr') except CrdsLookupError: apcorr_fn = None'Using APCORR reference file {apcorr_fn}') try: abvegaoffset_fn = self.get_reference_file(input_model, 'abvegaoffset') except CrdsLookupError: abvegaoffset_fn = None'Using ABVEGAOFFSET reference file ' f'{abvegaoffset_fn}') aperture_ee = (self.aperture_ee1, self.aperture_ee2, self.aperture_ee3) try: refdata = ReferenceData(model, aperture_ee=aperture_ee, apcorr_filename=apcorr_fn, abvegaoffset_filename=abvegaoffset_fn) aperture_params = refdata.aperture_params abvega_offset = refdata.abvega_offset except RuntimeError as err: msg = f'{err} Source catalog will not be created.' self.log.warn(msg) return coverage_mask = (model.wht == 0) if coverage_mask.all(): self.log.warn('There are no pixels with non-zero weight. ' 'Source catalog will not be created.') return bkg = Background(, box_size=self.bkg_boxsize, mask=coverage_mask) -= bkg.background threshold = self.snr_threshold * bkg.background_rms kernel = make_kernel(self.kernel_fwhm) with warnings.catch_warnings(): # suppress NoDetectionsWarning from photutils warnings.filterwarnings('ignore', category=NoDetectionsWarning) segment_img = make_segment_img(, threshold, npixels=self.npixels, kernel=kernel, mask=coverage_mask, deblend=self.deblend) if segment_img is None: self.log.warn('No sources were found. Source catalog will ' 'not be created.') return'Detected {segment_img.nlabels} sources') # TODO: update when model contains errors total_error = calc_total_error(model) catobj = SourceCatalog(model, segment_img, error=total_error, kernel=kernel, kernel_fwhm=self.kernel_fwhm, aperture_params=aperture_params, abvega_offset=abvega_offset) catalog = catobj.catalog if self.save_results: cat_filepath = self.make_output_path(ext='.ecsv') catalog.write(cat_filepath, format='ascii.ecsv', overwrite=True) model.meta.source_catalog = os.path.basename(cat_filepath)'Wrote source catalog: {cat_filepath}') return catalog