Source code for jwst.tso_photometry.tso_photometry_step

#!/usr/bin/env python

from ..stpipe import Step
from ..datamodels import CubeModel
from ..datamodels import TsoPhotModel
from ..lib.catalog_utils import replace_suffix_ext
from .tso_photometry import tso_aperture_photometry

__all__ = ['TSOPhotometryStep']

[docs]class TSOPhotometryStep(Step): """ Perform circular aperture photometry on imaging Time Series Observations (TSO). Parameters ----------- input : str or `CubeModel` A filename for either a FITS image or and association table or a `CubeModel`. """ spec = """ save_catalog = boolean(default=False) # save exposure-level catalog """ reference_file_types = ['tsophot']
[docs] def process(self, input_data): with CubeModel(input_data) as model: if model.meta.wcsinfo.crpix1 is None: raise ValueError('CRPIX1 is missing.') if model.meta.wcsinfo.crpix2 is None: raise ValueError('CRPIX2 is missing.') xcenter = model.meta.wcsinfo.crpix1 - 1 # 1-based origin ycenter = model.meta.wcsinfo.crpix2 - 1 # 1-based origin tsophot_filename = self.get_reference_file(model, 'tsophot') self.log.debug('Reference file name = {}'.format(tsophot_filename)) if tsophot_filename == 'N/A': self.log.warning('No TSOPHOT reference file found;') self.log.warning('the tso_photometry step will be skipped.') return None pupil_name = 'ANY' if model.meta.instrument.pupil is not None: pupil_name = model.meta.instrument.pupil (radius, radius_inner, radius_outer) = get_ref_data( tsophot_filename, pupil=pupil_name) self.log.debug('Using reference file {}'.format(tsophot_filename)) self.log.debug('radius = {}'.format(radius)) self.log.debug('radius_inner = {}'.format(radius_inner)) self.log.debug('radius_outer = {}'.format(radius_outer)) catalog = tso_aperture_photometry(model, xcenter, ycenter, radius, radius_inner, radius_outer) if self.save_catalog: old_suffixes = ['calints', 'crfints'] output_dir = self.search_attr('output_dir') cat_filepath = replace_suffix_ext(model.meta.filename, old_suffixes, 'phot', output_ext='ecsv', output_dir=output_dir) catalog.write(cat_filepath, format='ascii.ecsv', overwrite=True)'Wrote TSO photometry catalog: {0}'. format(cat_filepath)) return catalog
def get_ref_data(reffile, pupil='ANY'): ref_model = TsoPhotModel(reffile) radii = ref_model.radii value = None val_any_pupil = None for item in radii: if item.pupil == pupil.upper(): value = (item.radius, item.radius_inner, item.radius_outer) break elif item.pupil == 'ANY' and val_any_pupil is None: # Save this value as a fallback, in case we don't find a match # to an actual pupil name. val_any_pupil = (item.radius, item.radius_inner, item.radius_outer) if value is not None: (radius, radius_inner, radius_outer) = value elif val_any_pupil is not None: (radius, radius_inner, radius_outer) = val_any_pupil else: (radius, radius_inner, radius_outer) = (0., 0., 0.) ref_model.close() return (radius, radius_inner, radius_outer)