Source code for jwst.wfs_combine.wfs_combine_step

import os

from ..stpipe import Step
from .. import datamodels
from . import wfs_combine

__all__ = ["WfsCombineStep"]

[docs]class WfsCombineStep(Step): """ This step combines pairs of dithered PSF images """ class_alias = "calwebb_wfs-image3" spec = """ do_refine = boolean(default=False) flip_dithers = boolean(default=True) # change the sign and switch order of images when x offset is negative psf_size = integer(default=100) blur_size = integer(default=10) n_size = integer(default=2) suffix = string(default="wfscmb") """
[docs] def process(self, input_table): self.suffix = 'wfscmb' self.output_use_model = True self.name_format = False # Load the input ASN table asn_table = self.load_as_level3_asn(input_table)'Using input table: %s', input_table)'The number of pairs of input files: %g', len(asn_table['products'])) output_container = datamodels.ModelContainer() # Process each pair of input images listed in the association table for which_set in asn_table['products']: # Get the list of science members in this pair science_members = [ member for member in which_set['members'] if member['exptype'].lower() == 'science' ] infile_1 = science_members[0]['expname'] infile_2 = science_members[1]['expname'] outfile = which_set['name'] # Create the step instance wfs = wfs_combine.DataSet( infile_1, infile_2, outfile, self.do_refine, self.flip_dithers, self.psf_size, self.blur_size, self.n_size ) # Do the processing output_model = wfs.do_all() # The DataSet class does not close its resources. Do that here. wfs.input_1.close() wfs.input_2.close() # Update necessary meta info in the output output_model.meta.cal_step.wfs_combine = 'COMPLETE' output_model.meta.asn.pool_name = asn_table['asn_pool'] output_model.meta.asn.table_name = os.path.basename(input_table) output_model.meta.filename = which_set['name'] output_container.append(output_model) # Return the output so it can be tested. return output_container