class jwst.associations.AssociationPool(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: Table

Association Pool

An AssociationPool is essentially an astropy Table with the following default behaviors:

  • ASCII tables with a default delimiter of |

  • All values are read in as strings

Methods Summary

read(filename[, delimiter, format])

Read in a Pool file

write(*args, **kwargs)

Write the pool to a file.

Methods Documentation

classmethod read(filename, delimiter='|', format='ascii', **kwargs)[source]

Read in a Pool file

  • filename (str) – File path to read in as a table.

  • delimiter (str) – Character used to delineate columns.

  • format (str) – The format of the input file.


The AssociationPool representation of the file.

Return type


write(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Write the pool to a file.

  • output (str, file-like) – The output file or file-like object.

  • delimiter (str) – The string to use to delineate columns. Default is ‘|’.

  • format (str) – The format the file should be written in. Default is ‘ascii’.

  • args (obj) – Other parameters that can accept.

  • kwargs (obj) – Other parameters that can accept.