class jwst.associations.lib.rules_level2b.Asn_Lv2NRSFSS(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: jwst.associations.lib.rules_level2_base.AsnMixin_Lv2Nod, jwst.associations.lib.rules_level2_base.AsnMixin_Lv2Spectral, jwst.associations.lib.rules_level2_base.DMSLevel2bBase

Level2b NIRSpec Fixed-slit Association


  • Association type: spec2

  • Pipeline: calwebb_spec2

  • Spectral-based NIRSpec fixed-slit single target science exposures

  • Single science exposure

  • Handle along-the-slit background nodding

Association includes both the background and science exposures of the nodding. The identified science exposure is fixed by the nod, pattern, and exposure number to prevent other science exposures being included.