Model Blender

These functions serve as the primary interface for blending models.

jwst.model_blender.blendmeta Module

blendmeta - Merge metadata from multiple models.

This module will create a new metadata instance and table from a list of input datamodels or filenames.


blendmodels(product[, inputs, output, verbose])

Run main interface for blending metadata from multiple models.


Return new schema definition that describes the input table.

cat_headers(hdr1, hdr2)

Create new object from concatenating 2 input Headers


Convert numarray column dtype into YAML-compatible format description


Returns the list of filenames with extensions of input observations that were used to generate the product.

get_blended_metadata(input_models[, verbose])

Return a blended metadata instance and table based on the input datamodels.

jwst.model_blender.blender Module


metablender(input_models, spec)

Given a list of datamodels, aggregate metadata attribute values and create a table made up of values from a number of metadata instances, according to the given specification.