Step Arguments

The resample step has the following optional arguments that control the behavior of the processing and the characteristics of the resampled image.

--pixfrac (float, default=1.0)

The fraction by which input pixels are “shrunk” before being drizzled onto the output image grid, given as a real number between 0 and 1.

--kernel (str, default=’square’)

The form of the kernel function used to distribute flux onto the output image.

--fillval (str, default=’INDEF’)

The value to assign to output pixels that have zero weight or do not receive any flux from any input pixels during drizzling.

--weight_type (str, default=’exptime’)

The weighting factor for each input image. If weight_type=exptime, the scaling value will be set equal to the exposure time found in the image header.

--single (bool, default=False)

Resample each input image into a separate output.

--blendheaders (bool, default=True)

Apply blendmodels on all of the input images to combine (‘blend’) their meta data into the output resampled image.