Step Arguments

The wfs_combine step has one step-specific argument:

--do_refine  boolean  default=False

If set to True, the nominal image offsets computed from the WCS information are refined using image cross-correlation. See the algorithm description section for details.

–flip_dithers boolean default=True

When set to True the output star in the combined image from the pairs of WFS images will always be at the same pixel location.

–psf_size float default=100

The largest PSF size in pixels to use for the alignment. This is only used when do_refine==True.

–blur_size flost default=10

The smoothing that is applied for the initial centroiding. his is only used when do_refine==True.

–n_size int default=2

This controls the size of the box used to interpolate in the input images. Should never need to be changed.