The white_light step sums the spectroscopic flux over all wavelengths in each integration of a multi-integration extracted spectrum product to produce an integrated (“white”) flux as a function of time for the target. This is to be applied to the _x1dints product in a spectroscopic Time-Series Observation (TSO), as part of the calwebb_tso3 pipeline. Minimum and maximum wavelengths may be provided to limit the summation to specified wavelength bounds, with limits inclusive.

Input details

The input should be in the form of an _x1dints product, which contains extracted spectra from multiple integrations for a given target.


The algorithm performs a simple sum of the flux values over all wavelengths for each extracted spectrum contained in the input product. If provided, min_wavelength and max_wavelength will modify the bounds of the sum to the specified bounds.

Output product

The output product is a table of time vs. integrated flux values, stored in the form of a ASCII ECSV (Extended Comma-Separated Value) file. The product type suffix is _whtlt.