Source code for jwst.coron.klip_step

#! /usr/bin/env python
from stdatamodels.jwst import datamodels

from ..stpipe import Step
from . import klip

__all__ = ["KlipStep"]

[docs] class KlipStep(Step): """ KlipStep: Performs KLIP processing on a science target coronagraphic exposure. The input science exposure is assumed to be a fully calibrated level-2b image. The processing is performed using a set of reference PSF images observed in the same coronagraphic mode. """ class_alias = "klip" spec = """ truncate = integer(default=50,min=0) # The number of KL transform rows to keep """
[docs] def process(self, target, psfrefs): with as target_model: # Retrieve the parameter values truncate = self.truncate'KL transform truncation = %d', truncate) # Get the PSF reference images refs_model = # Call the KLIP routine psf_sub, psf_fit = klip.klip(target_model, refs_model, truncate) # Update the step completion status psf_sub.meta.cal_step.klip = 'COMPLETE' # return psf_sub, psf_fit return psf_sub