class jwst.coron.klip_step.KlipStep(name=None, parent=None, config_file=None, _validate_kwds=True, **kws)[source]

Bases: JwstStep

KlipStep: Performs KLIP processing on a science target coronagraphic exposure. The input science exposure is assumed to be a fully calibrated level-2b image. The processing is performed using a set of reference PSF images observed in the same coronagraphic mode.

Create a Step instance.

  • name (str, optional) – The name of the Step instance. Used in logging messages and in cache filenames. If not provided, one will be generated based on the class name.

  • parent (Step instance, optional) – The parent step of this step. Used to determine a fully-qualified name for this step, and to determine the mode in which to run this step.

  • config_file (str path, optional) – The path to the config file that this step was initialized with. Use to determine relative path names of other config files.

  • **kws (dict) – Additional parameters to set. These will be set as member variables on the new Step instance.

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Methods Summary

process(target, psfrefs)

This is where real work happens.

Attributes Documentation

class_alias = 'klip'
truncate = integer(default=50,min=0) # The number of KL transform rows to keep

Methods Documentation

process(target, psfrefs)[source]

This is where real work happens. Every Step subclass has to override this method. The default behaviour is to raise a NotImplementedError exception.