Level 3 Associations: Technical Specifications

Logical Structure

Independent of the actual format, all Level 3 associations have the following structure. Again, the structure is defined and enforced by the Level 3 schema

  • Top level, or meta, key/values

  • List of products, each consisting of

    • Output product name template

    • List of exposure members, each consisting of

      • filename of the input exposure

      • Type of exposure

      • Errors from the observatory log

      • Association Candidates this exposure belongs to

Example Association

The following example will be used to explain the contents of an association:

    "degraded_status": "No known degraded exposures in association.",
    "version_id": "20160826t131159",
    "asn_type": "image3",
    "asn_id": "c3001",
    "constraints": "Constraints:\n    opt_elem2: CLEAR\n    detector: (?!NULL).+\n    target_name: 1\n    exp_type: NRC_IMAGE\n    wfsvisit: NULL\n    instrument: NIRCAM\n    opt_elem: F090W\n    program: 99009",
    "asn_pool": "mega_pool",
    "asn_rule": "Asn_Image",
    "target": "1",
    "program": "99009",
    "products": [
            "name": "jw99009-a3001_t001_nircam_f090w",
            "members": [
                    "exposerr": null,
                    "expname": "jw_00001_cal.fits",
                    "asn_candidate": "[('o001', 'observation')]",
                    "exptype": "science"
                    "exposerr": null,
                    "expname": "jw_00002_cal.fits",
                    "asn_candidate": "[('o001', 'observation')]",
                    "exptype": "science"

Association Meta Keywords

The following are the top-level, or meta, keywords of an association.

program optional

Program number for which this association was created.

target optional

Target ID for which this association refers to. DMS currently uses the TARGETID header keyword in the Level2 exposure files, but there is no formal restrictions on value.

asn_type optional

The type of association represented. See Association Types

asn_id optional

The association id. The id is what appears in the Naming Conventions

asn_pool optional

Association pool from which this association was created.

asn_rule optional

Name of the association rule which created this association.

degraded_status optional

Error status from the observation logs. If none the phrase “No known degraded exposures in association.” is used.

version_id optional

Version identifier. DMS uses a time stamp with the format yyyymmddthhmmss Can be None or NULL

constraints optional

List of constraints used by the association generator to create this association. Format and contents are determined by the defining rule.

products Keyword

Association products have two components:

name optional

The string template to be used by Level 3 processing tasks to create the output file names. The product name, in general, is a prefix on which the individual pipeline and step modules will append whatever suffix information is needed.

If not specified, the Level3 processing modules will create a name root.

members required

This is a list of the exposures to be used by the Level 3 processing tasks. This keyword is explained in detail in the next section.

members Keyword

members is a list of objects, each consisting of the following keywords

expname required

The exposure file name

exptype required

Type of information represented by the exposure. Possible values are

  • science required

    The primary science exposures. There is usually more than one since Level3 calibration involves combining multiple science exposures. However, at least one exposure in an association needs to be science.

  • psf optional

    Exposures that should be considered PSF references for coronagraphic and AMI calibration.

exposerr optional

If there was some issue the occured on the observatory that may have affected this exposure, that condition is listed here. Otherwise the value is null

asn_candidate optional

Contains the list of association candidates this exposure belongs to.

Editing the member list

As discussed previously, a member is made up of a number of keywords, formatted as follows:

    "expname": "jw_00003_cal.fits",
    "exptype": "science",
    "exposerr": null,
    "asn_candidate": "[('o001', 'observation')]"

To remove a member, simply delete its corresponding set.

To add a member, one need only specify the two required keywords:

    "expname": "jw_00003_cal.fits",
    "exptype": "science"