JWST Conventions

Naming Conventions

When produced through the ground processing, all association files are named according to the following scheme:



  • jw: All JWST-related products begin with jw

  • PPPPP: 5 digit proposal number

  • TNNNN: Candidate Identifier. Can be one of the following:

    • oNNN: Observation candidate specified by the letter o followed by a 3 digit number.

    • c1NNN: Association candidate, specified by the letter ‘c’, followed by a number starting at 1001.

    • a3NNN: Discovered whole program associations, specified by the letter ‘a’, followed by a number starting at 3001

    • rNNNN: Reserved for future use. If you see this in practice, file an issue to have this document updated.

  • YYYYMMDDtHHMMSS: This is generically referred to as the version_id. DMS specifies this as a timestamp. Note: When used outside the workflow, this field is user-specifiable.

  • ATYPE: The type of association. See Association Types

  • MMM: A counter for each type of association created.

Association Types

Each association is intended to make a specific science product. The type of science product is indicated by the ATYPE field in the association file name (see Naming Conventions), and in the asn_type meta keyword of the association itself (see Association Meta Keywords).

The pipeline uses this type as the key to indicate which Level 2 or Level 3 pipeline module to use to process this association.

The current association types are:

  • ami3: Intended for calwebb_ami3.cfg processing

  • coron3: Intended for calwebb_coron3.cfg processing

  • image2: Intended for calwebb_image2.cfg processing

  • image3: Intended for calwebb_image3.cfg processing

  • nrslamp-spec2: Intended for calwebb_nrslamp-spec2.cfg processing

  • spec2: Intended for calwebb_spec2.cfg processing

  • spec3: Intended for calwebb_spec3.cfg processing

  • tso3: Intended for calwebb_tso3.cfg processing

  • tso-image2: Intended for calwebb_tso-image2.cfg processing

  • tso-spec2: Intended for calwebb_tso-spec2.cfg processing

  • wfs-image2: Intended for calwebb_wfs-image2.cfg processing

  • wfs-image3: Intended for calwebb_wfs-image3.cfg processing