Step Arguments

The master background subtraction step uses the following optional arguments.


The file name of a user-supplied 1-D master background spectrum. Must be in the form of a standard x1d product containing a single ‘EXTRACT1D’ extension. When a user background spectrum is supplied, it is used for the subtraction instead of a computed master background, and the name of the user-supplied file is recorded in the MSTRBKGD keyword in the output product(s). Defaults to None.


A boolean indicating whether the computed 1-D master background spectrum should be saved to a file. The file name uses a product type suffix of “masterbg”. If a user-supplied background is specified, this argument is ignored. Defaults to False.


A boolean indicating whether or not to override the step’s built-in logic for determining if the step should be applied. By default, the step will be skipped if the calwebb_spec2 background step has already been applied. If --force_subtract = True, the master background will be applied.


A boolean indicating whether to use the “filename” meta attribute in the data model to determine the name of the output file created by the step. Defaults to True.